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The Sun Will Rise Again

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The Sun Will Rise Again

In life, we go through many stages. Happy stages, sad stages, stages of accomplishment, stages of growth, etc. We probably rave more about the happier stages in our life more than anything. Like the time you won the third-grade spelling bee even though you thought you were a terrible speller, or the time you got into the college of your choice, or even the time when you had your first kiss (let's pretend these are always happy moments and are never awkward lol). Your parents probably like to talk about how you made the Dean's list or how you're studying abroad next semester, and your friends like to talk about your fun weekend plans. But who talks about the sad stages? 

The part in your life when you fail your test, or when you and your boyfriend broke up, or when you lose a loved one. A stage that leaves you in a little bit of a mess for a while. A stage that may have you guessing, 'How will I make a comeback from this?' or 'Will it ever get better?'. A stage that leaves you laying in your bed crying at night. This is the stage that someone needs to speak up and say 'it's okay, the sun is going to rise in the morning." Something that is not really talked about is how to deal with grief and sadness. God has got you though, take everything to Him. 

Psalm 34:17-18 reads, “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” 

Even I myself go through sad stages, and I am not ashamed of it. I find comfort in the Lord. If there is one thing I have constantly been reminding myself of though is that things are going to be okay, and life will move on to a happier stage soon. Taking your troubles to the Lord can bring you so much peace. He is there to listen always. Although, like many others I'm sure, I am not one to really want to talk about my sad situations, which I guess is part of the reason we don't. The Lord doesn’t need you to speak though, He knows what is on your heart.  When we are going through the sad stages in our life, we should keep our heads up and think about all the good times before and the good times ahead and have faith and trust in God. 

When you're sad about failing your test, just remember how you kicked butt enough to get into the school you're at,and look forward to killing the next test instead. When you and your boyfriend break up, look back and appreciate that time and the lessons learned (rather than being bitter because you obviously liked him at one point) and take this time as a time of self-growth. When you lose a loved one, look back on all your memories you shared with them, and look forward to making more with the family that still loves and surrounds you. 

Wake up in the morning when the sun rises (and if it doesn't pretend it does- rainy days are honestly my favorite), and even if you're stuck in a sad stage in your life just know that there is so much joy to come after and the sun will rise again.