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Acts of Selfless Love

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Acts of Selfless Love

Have you ever had someone hold the door open for you or pay for your coffee unexpectedly? It probably made you feel a little warm and fuzzy inside as that person was showing they care for you in a small way. After that small moment happened, your day probably looked a little brighter and you had a bit more pep in your step. It is funny how something so small, can make quite the impact.  

Not only does your day brighten up, but you probably see that person in a different light too. That person was taking part in acts of selfless love. Personally, loving selflessly is one of the biggest efforts I make to live like the Lord. I think showing selfless love is one of the best ways to let others see God’s light shine through you. The Bible reads in John 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”  

Now you might think “hold on now, I thought we were talking about buying someone’s coffee not laying down my life for someone,” Well you see that’s what the Lord sent Jesus to do, this was him showing selfless love. Sometimes for me it is overwhelming to think about how much the Lord loves me. I mean sending His own Son to die on a cross for each and every one of us, that is a lot of love! Showing any act of selfless love can show God’s light through you though.  

The acts of selfless love do not have to be physical acts either. A great way is to put someone else before yourself. Whether that is someone’s else needs before your own, or just stopping to listen to a friend's problem. Taking that time out of your day to just be there for someone else is a great way to show kindness and love.  

So, the next time you are thinking, “How can I show an example of Christ’s love to others?” Maybe look into one of the following options, down below! 

  • Paying ahead for the order of the person in line behind you at your local coffee shop 

  • Hugging your son/daughter/sister/brother/friend for no specific reason whatsoever 

  • Telling one of your friends how great she/he looks in that color or style 

  • Bringing your neighbors recycling bins up to their garage doors 

  • Sending an email of gratitude to a friend with whom you haven’t spoken in a while 

  • Finding out your friends’ birth dates and surprising them with cards on their special days 

  • Genuinely smiling at someone you know or even don’t know