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Walking in Faith: Cassie Koes

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Walking in Faith: Cassie Koes

Walking in Faith: Cassie Koes

“For we walk by faith, not by sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7. Having unwavering faith in God and the plan he has for our life is not always easy. Whenever we face trials and tribulations, our first instinct is usually to take control and try to handle things on our own. However, with God, we are never alone. In Cassie’s testimony, she speaks on how her faith has changed, grown, and what it means for her now. 

I believe that having faith and being faithful is life’s most beautiful gift. To be able to confide and trust in such a divine spirit is something that almost cannot be put into words. As I have and continue to walk this journey of faith, I am continually amazed by the love God gives us through Himself and others in order to strengthen our faith.

About 8 years ago I began my personal journey with faith. I was told growing up that I should believe, could believe, and that it was truthfully in my best interest to believe in God. However, it took until middle school before I began to understand the true power of having faith. It did not take an incredible moment or a tragic experience but rather simply took me committing to open up and listen to Him. When I made that decision to commit, I heard God. He translated messages, passages, and experiences into things that simply made Himself visible. I created a strong foundation for my faith.

Though as I grew older, I let this strong foundation of faith stray further and further away. I thought I was strong enough to handle things on my own. I thought other forms of happiness could replace the spot in my heart where my faith used to live. I was wrong. Through some encouraging people God placed in my life, I recently found the motivation to prioritize not only firmly establishing my faith but growing my faith each day as well.

My newest perspective on faith is this; faith is meant to grow, strengthen, and gain perspective. As I said, I am on a continual journey with my faith. Through several things such as unknown strength found during unfortunate events, the grace of those surrounding me, and God’s word always reassuring me away from my doubts, I have been able to put my trust in Him. Faith is meant to hold us up and to keep us going. It is meant to remind us that we do not walk through life alone. He gives us the privilege to love and to seek him. He gives us faith.

-Cassie Koes