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Trusting His Plan: Sarah Agresta

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Trusting His Plan: Sarah Agresta

Trusting His Plan: Sarah Agresta

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 4:14. This verse is so simple, yet holds such a powerful truth. However, when things go wrong in our lives, it is easy to let this verse slip our minds and question God. Has he abandoned us; does he actually have a plan for our life? Sara Agresta’s testimony is a perfect example of trusting God’s plan in the sourest of situations. He is always working in our lives. All we need to do is be still.

I grew up in a Christian home with a family who loves and serves the Lord and accepted Christ into my life at a very young age. However, my life has not been perfect by any means. Throughout high school, I struggled with insecurity and the longing to fit in. This led me to unhealthy relationships and overwhelming trials. I also underwent knee surgery my junior year, only to injure my healthy knee a year later. This was a very hard time for me. I had been cheering for over seven years and had dreamed of cheering in college. However, because of my knee injuries, I was held back from improving as a cheerleader. For the longest time, I couldn’t understand why God was doing this. Why was He taking cheer away from me? Now I know though He was actually leading me down a different, better path. His path.

Despite my injuries, I still stuck with cheerleading. I trained for about three years and finally got up the courage to try out for college cheer because it was always my dream. During this time, there was so much uncertainty in my heart, and I couldn’t figure out if college cheer was actually something I wanted or if it was even something God wanted for me. I later received the news that I had been cut from the first round of tryouts. While this sounds like bad news, it felt more like a burden was taken off my shoulders. I finally had a clear answer.   

Ever since then, God has opened so many doors for me. Not only did he bring me to FCA, but he also has given me the chance to be a cheerleading coach. I took time, but I am slowly discovering this is my true passion. He also has blessed me with a loving, caring, Godly man who will be my husband at the end of this year. I am preparing to graduate college, and as life gets busier, I am finding it more difficult to slow down and enjoy the blessings God has given me. However, I find peace knowing that I am on the right path, and I am no longer held back by trials or uncertainty. My faith/trust in Jesus is the strongest it has ever been, and I can’t wait to see what else He has in store for my life.