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If You Build It, They Will Come: 10 Years of FCA Cheer

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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If You Build It, They Will Come: 10 Years of FCA Cheer

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Cheerleading ministry was founded in 2007 by one woman with a strong heart for Christ. Marilou Braswell, the executive director of cheerleading, established this ministry on the idea that if you build it, they will come. Ten years later, we can confidently say that they have certainly come.

FCA Cheer has been blessed with such a dedicated family of supporters that have helped us reach thousands of cheerleaders across the nation. When Marilou first proposed FCA Cheer to friends and mentors in 2007, they rushed to assist her in any way they could even though many of them had never shaken a pom-pom in their lives.

The skills they brought to the ministry were invaluable and have ultimately shaped the FCA Cheer camps that take place every summer. “I have worked for and employed many of the major Cheer Companies all over the US and I can confidently say our Instructors at FCA Cheer are the Best of the Best!”

With the guidance of these friends and mentors, FCA Cheer has hosted nearly 100 camps over the last ten years. We are so humbled that coaches choose to bring their teams back to camp year after year to work with our dedicated instructional and ministry staff.

Morgan Petree, a cheerleading coach at Maryville high school, has been involved with FCA Cheer camps for several years. When asked about her team’s experience at the 2017 summer camp she said, “As coaches, we were beyond pleased with our FCA Cheer experience. Callie and Kate maintained a contagious positive energy throughout the entirety of the camp and provided constructive criticism that our cheerleaders have been able to use to improve their skills. Every minute of the camp was well-planned and structured to best fit the needs of our squad. Callie and Kate also shared how their faiths have impacted their cheer experiences, and they led a discussion about overcoming fear. It was refreshing to see our cheerleaders open up to these leaders and share their own fears and come together as a team. Our cheerleaders left the camp feeling motivated and excited for the upcoming season.”

More than 450 cheerleaders have accepted Christ into their lives for the first time and over 1,100 cheerleaders have re-dedicated their lives to Him at our camps. We pray that as we continue to build and grow our ministry, that more young cheerleaders will come to know the Lord at our camps.

Whether you have donated money to send a cheerleader to camp, lead a huddle group of cheerleaders or simply said a prayer for our ministry, you have helped us bring thousands of young women closer to the Lord. We could never express how truly thankful we are for that you came to build FCA Cheer.

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