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I can't, He Can: Kate Rider

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I can't, He Can: Kate Rider

I Can’t, He Can: Kate Rider

In C.S. Lewis’ book, Mere Christianity, there is a simple yet very powerful sentence. “You must do this because I can’t.” Many times in our lives, we want to take control. Do everything on our own. Pretend that we are strong enough to handle whatever the world may throw at us. However, simply put, we can’t. In this weeks blog, Kate Rider dives into the truth behind these words and shows how it has played a vital role in her walk with the Lord.

I grew up in a family where our faith was not a priority nor was it even really there. My family never went to church, prayed, or spoke about who God is. It was not until 2017 that I allowed Jesus into my life all on my own. It took an uncomfortable valley and point in my life for me to realize how much I truly needed him.

Now, knowing that I can turn to God and give Him my pain and heartache has made difficult times so much easier to handle. I always think of the simple but powerful quote, “He can, I can’t” whenever I am faced with a challenge. I always have to remember that God can get me through the pain, and God can bring joy and peace to my heart. I can not. I can’t do it alone without Him. Everyone in life will go through valleys, but, with every valley, there is a mountain top. You just have to remember to keep looking forward and trusting in God.

I am now in a stage of my life where things are changing. I am not certain for the future. I no longer have college cheerleading, class to attend, or a dad and mom that are together or that I get to see every day. What I do know though is that one thing is very consistent. That consistency in my life is my faith. I continue to grow with Christ each and every day by attending bible studies, going to church, and spreading the Lord’s love. He is the one getting me through life with so much joy and peace!

  • Kate Rider